"The opportunity to provide insights into why I do certain things in my business practice has not presented itself very many times in my career. Especially, when there are so many different avenues of ‘doing’ the business of a life insurance and investment professional. Opportunities to associate your business with MGAs and AGAs abound. I have been in the industry for over forty (40) years and have worked with four such MGAs. The main quality or value that has become the cornerstone of my commitment to ‘my’ MGA is trust. I first met Duaine Miller in 1988 when I was president of the Calgary Life Underwriters Association (now Advocis). The reason for the meeting, initiated by Duaine, was of a delicate nature and it showed me the respect and class that he had for the situation and the individual involved. As a result of this meeting I looked into what his firm was about, consulted with a good friend of mine, Kim Fitzpatrick, and decided I wished to contract with ABEX. The reason why I joined ABEX back then and continue to work with them now is because of that trust. Compensation is an extremely integral part of our lives and in the 28 years I have worked with ABEX there has never been one hiccup. Also, they are fair with the overrides we negotiate. The back office support on the life and investment side of the business is second to none. They have very good relationships with the carriers they represent and I am the beneficiary of that. Of course, there are issues that occasionally pop up but they are very well handled. Another strong point of ABEX are the many and varied seminars they hold with the various companies they represent. Education, over and above the requirement for CE credits, CE credits and product knowledge are all the result of these meetings. So, I would highly recommend meeting with Kevin Miller and his team if you are looking for a new home. I do business with the ABEX group because of the efficiency and knowledge of their staff, honesty and reliability of their work and most importantly I trust them."

Gregory A. Smyth

CLU, Ch.F.C.

GSI Estate and Retirement Planning
"I have been with the Abex Group since 1986. Good management. Good and knowledgeable staff. Good service. Good compensation... Plain and simple! More power to you ABEX Group."

Marcelle Howlett,

Financial Advisor

"There's one thing that great organizations have in common. Without this thing, it's pretty certain that eventually they will cease to prosper. With it, it's virtually impossible for them to fail. They evolve. ABEX has done a superb job of continuing to find new ways to serve the advisors I work with, and have consistently provided an experience which becomes more and more valuable as time goes on. No matter if you are just starting out in the industry or coming from another MGA, if ABEX doesn't have the tools to take care of you, they will listen and work with you to build them."

Andrew Richardson,

Financial Advisor

"Every MGA is different with how they manage their agents/brokers. With ABEX, we definitely get what we're looking for. Good management, great staff and a great place to grow. Indeed, my decision to go to Abex 10 years ago was the right choice. Recommended highly for Sales people like me. Thank you ABEX, and more power to you!"

Edna Reyes-Obligacion

ECR & Associates Inc. (AGA)
"I have been with ABEX since 2012. ABEX has this great and effective office team and their management is truly in the agents court. They were with and behind me through my cancer and recovery, ensuring that both my clients and myself were not left behind. ABEX works from a place of innovation and forward thinking, always working for clients and agents. Advisor's from other MGA's should really be making their way to ABEX. You are all a class act!"

Diane Colton

Mobility Financial Services Inc.
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